Stormhedge Financial Navigator

Concurrent Analytics for Instant Decisions. 100% Real Time. Accurate Signals.

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Superior Gains

  • Value protection and performance generation
    Profit from downside – Advance on upside.
  • A multivariate intelligence suite
    Scaleable for all major stock indices, currencies, rates and credits.
  • Stop loss at deep dips
    Minimized maximum drawdowns.

Reduced Risk

  • Event driven analytics
    Fact based. No fears. No doubts. No uncertainties.
  • Qualified data generation
    Documented signalling. Time stamped tickets.
  • Back / Front End Interface
    Seamless order routing. No time wasted. No data lost. No resources misallocated.

On the Cutting Edge

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
    Self-learning. Self-calibrating. Self-optimizing. Automated.
  • Real-time data feed
    Precise. On-time. Descriptive. 24/7 market tracking.
  • Software as a Service
    Web based. Easy to install. Anywhere. Anytime.

Years of development
Parameters for specific market phases
Different types of indicators

Automated Tactics

The STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator is a self-learning, self-calibrating, self-optimising and multi-variate intelligence suite for Systematic Tactical Overlay Risk Management.

Built-in Optimization

The STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator recognises by itself all performance relevant periods in a time series. It optimises its control parameters for the very time phase and adjusts the thresholds for trading signal generation to the actual market situation.

Multilayered Market Perspective

The STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator uses a set of subsystems, each of which is designed for a specific market phase (rising, falling, sideward) and controlled by 19 parameters. Quality is measured by chosen risk budgets of the individual trading parameters.

Tailored to Your Needs

The STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator allows for customized combinations of hedged securities. It can be linked with trading portals, back-office systems and ERP software for flexible degrees of workflow integration and automation.

STORMHEDGE User Interface

Qualified Data Area: Data is automatically refreshed every 15 minutes

Action Panel

  • Colour coded Buy (Long) or Sell (Short) Signalling
  • Timestamped reporting
  • Rationale of intervention

Description of the actual market

  • Strategic trend
  • Tactical trend
  • Operative trend

Trend Channel

  • Upper threshold
  • Lower threshold
  • Trend

Signal Key Data

  • Success rate
  • Average return
  • Last occurrence of the signal
Seamless Enterprise-Wide Integration

Corporate treasury and accounting departments can use the STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator to link derivative management with back-office systems, trading portals and ERP software. This rich integration eliminates inefficient, mistake-prone redundant data entry, while allowing for a cohesive risk management workflow.

Creating Asset Management for the 21st century

Sophisticated investors demand the most from their technology. Since Basel II the asset management industry has been undergoing a shakeup due to new regulations and disruptive technologies, therefore demands are constantly changing. Now, more than ever, investors ask for tools that they can rely on – our hedge management solution has been developed with that ambition in mind.

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