STORMHedge Solutions

Information is power. Stay ahead through our easy-to-use apps and customized integrated solutions.
Our Mission

Giving guidance when markets are in dire straights for the state-of-the-art safeguarding of traded securities and rational value protection.

We use unique algorithms for automated instant decision making without emotional bias and time lag in moments of utmost market stress, as easy-to-use apps and customized integrated solutions to any finance information or transaction system.

Our Vision

STORMHEDGE Solutions is a leading fintech company in digital finance, web based, automated, smart.

We offer state-of-the-art expert systems to professionals in the finance industry, to treasurers and other users in need of top-notch solutions for fully automated risk hedging, value protection and performance generation.

Our Team

Harald Eichberger-Czerny

Co-Founder / IT Manager

20 years experience in software engineering, solution development and IT-management for asset management companies

Markus Haspel

Co-Founder / Managing Director

10 years of experience in consulting and portfolio management, specialization on fixed-income and alternative investment strategies

Christian Karl

Co-Founder / Quality Manager

27 years of experience in fund management, consulting and training for Frankfurt School of Finance, VÖB Academy, WU Wien, OeNB, FMA Austria, BaFin, etc.

Peter Praxmarer

Co-Founder / Finance Director

20 years of experience as Director & CEO in international industrial corporations and business consulting

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