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Hedging Technology

Profit from Downside – Advance on Upside

Navigate Your Portfolio Through Rough Seas into calm waters

Automated Trend Recognition

Detect market stress early before it unfolds rapidly. Generate gains on assets based on strategic decision-making.

Outsourced Risk Management

Investors can focus on strategic asset allocation decisions rather than time consuming short term tactical measures.

Prompt Decision Support

200 types of signals define entry and exits in the markets, giving investors confidence in their daily decisions.

Downside focus.

With the STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator, the portfolio manager is in the position to concentrate on his qualitative skills in building up spot positions while our algorithm creates a quantitative overlay in derivatives.

You will profit from

  • A parameter set calibrated for fast plunging markets
  • The de-coupling of long- and short decisions
  • Short-term tactical measures taken care of by STORMHEDGE
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Our expertise and mission is to give guidance when markets are in dire straights, for the state-of-the-art safeguarding of traded securities and rational value protection.

Our Partners

We work with the most common trading platforms and experts from the fields of finance and investment.

Launch. STORMHEDGE. Outperform.

Instant decisions without emotional bias

We use unique algorithms for automated instant decision making without emotional bias and time lag in moments of utmost market stress, as easy-to-use apps and customized integrated solutions to any finance information or transaction system.

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For finance professionals

Our innovative technology is built with and for professional financial service providers, portfolio managers, treasurers and informed private users who are looking for modern and reliable solutions for hedging risks of their assets.

Austrian excellence

STORMHEDGE Solutions was founded in 2016 by 4 professionals in finance and technology after more than 2 years of system development and real time practice. We are located in Vienna, Austria and are cooperating with global platforms for financial service provision.

One step ahead

The STORMHEDGE Financial Navigator is a self-learning, self-calibrating, self-optimising and multi-variate system for Systematic Tactical Overlay Risk Management (STORM). Since 2015/12/30 and until today , the STORMHEDGE Navigator #DAX has been outperforming the German DAX under real time conditions. Systematically.

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